Keystone Block – Adolescent Medicine

BCRP residents innovate a Centering Program in Adolescent Clinic at BMC

A joint venture between the outpatient adolescent centers at Boston Children’s Hospital and Boston Medical Center, the adolescent medicine portion of the Keystone block provides a solid foundation in the primary and specialty care of teenagers. Interns hone their skills in routine health maintenance, family planning, gynecologic care, and STD testing and treatment. Interns also gain skills in screening for substance abuse and responding appropriately to positive screens. During their adolescent medicine clinic time, Interns are scheduled to see their own panel of adolescents and are precepted by adolescent medicine attendings. Interns also participate in specialty  clinic experiences such as sports medicine, scoliosis, reproductive health, gender-affirming care and dermatology.  A comprehensive didactic curriculum focused on a variety of adolescent issues as well as effective implementation of evidence-based medicine will be covered over the course of the Keystone Block.