Resident as Teacher

Resident teaching at student’s conference

The BCRP emphasizes the vital role that residents play in teaching medical students from Harvard and Boston University Medical Schools during their pediatric clerkships and other residents during supervisory rotations. This important role in teaching helps prepare residents for their future careers as educators to colleagues and patients. To help residents become successful in these roles, educational sessions during rising intern, junior and senior orientations and during program-wide retreats are dedicated to exercises on effective teaching, such as teaching at the bedside, use of the “one minute preceptor”, giving effective feedback, and delivering effective presentations.

Residents spend a lot of time teaching Harvard and 
BU students one-on-one

In addition, a formal TEACH rotation has been developed for junior residents. During this rotation, residents learn about adult learning theory and practice many methods of teaching, including noon conference, chalk talks, and bedside physical exam rounds. They also develop their supervisory and feedback skills, with hands on experience, including precepting medical students in the primary care setting. Residents are also paired with a faculty mentor/coach who is responsible for giving constructive feedback on their teaching methods and helping them discover their supervisory style.

Finally, residents take the lead in presenting at many of our conferences, including Noon Conference, PHM Chats, Academy Journal Clubs and in selected Grand Rounds. These programs and experiences contribute to an atmosphere in which teaching is highly valued. As a result medical students from both institutions regularly recognize members of our housestaff with accolades and formal teaching awards.

BCRP residents review methods for teaching in a virtual environment (learn more).