Family Friendliness

Parenting as a Resident

The BCRP actively supports residents who are parenting during their training years. As a program we recognize the difficulties inherent in managing the dual roles of parent and house officer. We are proud to offer a variety of supports to help residents strike their work-family balance with grace and confidence.

Residents and their children at Stone Zoo together

Peers Who Are Parents

Residents and their children carving and decorating pumpkins together

You will find parents of infants, toddlers and school-age children among fellow residents. As a group, residents who are parents often socialize and share information about how to strike the right work-family balance.  Events are held throughout the year for resident families, including both formal residency-wide events and more informal gatherings.

Maternity and Paternity Leave

The program offers paid parental leave. With advance scheduling anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks usually can be accommodated. Although the maximum time is limited by training requirements of the American Board of Pediatrics, program leadership works with all residents to accommodate additional clinical time if the resident chooses to extend their period of training to include extra leave.

Parenting Elective

The program also offers a parenting elective for new parents that can be completed for 2-4 weeks directly after parental leave to help ease the transition back into clinical medicine. 

Flexible Scheduling

Babies are always welcome

The BCRP has assisted several residents with arranging half or three-quarter time schedules designed to allow completion of residency at a slower pace over a longer interval. Although we cannot always guarantee flexible scheduling, we try to accommodate such requests to the best of our ability. The BCRP has more residents on flexible schedules than any other program.

Supportive Colleagues and Mentors

House officers returning to work after the birth of a child report that their colleagues and mentors are supportive during the transition back, including attitudes towards breastfeeding and the short but frequent absences it requires from the wards.

Lactation Support

Both Children’s Hospital and Boston Medical Center have extensive lactation resources, including dedicated RN lactation consultants and multiple comfortable, quiet areas in which mothers can pump in private. Pumps and associated accessories can also be purchased from the hospital at a discount.  One clinic slot can also be blocked off per session to accommodate pumping needs.

Child Care

  • Children’s Hospital Child Care Center – Children’s Hospital has an affiliated day-care center, that is available to Categorical track residents (though there is a long waiting list). It is just a short walk from Children’s Hospital. It is open year round on weekdays. Boston Children’s Hospital has a second affiliated childcare center in Newton as well. Phone: (617) 355-6006 or email the Director, Donna Warner for more information.
  • Bright Horizons Family Center at Landmark – The center is located at 401 Park Drive, 4th Floor West, Boston, MA 02215, only a few blocks from the medical area, is open weekdays and serves children from infancy to preschool. Phone: (617) 450-0790. The hospital has a contractual relationship that reserves 20 slots for BCH employees.
  • The LMA Family Childcare Network – a network of licensed family childcare providers who provide childcare in their homes for families who work in the Longwood Medical area. Network Family Childcare Providers with varying vacancies are in the following towns: Brookline, Roxbury, Milton, Hyde Park, Needham, and Dorchester.
  • Backup Care – Back up adult and childcare can be obtained at a reduced rate through Once the care is complete and the hours have been confirmed, your credit card will be charged for your hourly co- payment.  Sign up using your Boston Children’s Hospital email address at  A similar benefit through is available to LEAD residents through BMC. Last-minute care for work related needs such as school snow days, sick days, school vacation, or if your normal child or adult care falls through are available for in-home child and adult backup care, and for in-center backup childcare.
  • Au Pair ServicesCultural Care Au Pair (CCAP) is the largest Au Pair company in the world, with more than 90,000 au pairs in the U.S. CCAP is an affordable child care option for benefits eligible Boston Children’s employees. CCAP is offering a generous discount to employees new to their program. They also offer our employees customized consultations and webinars at no cost. For more information, please contact a program consultant at 800-333-6056 x 3605.


Many of the local school systems, including Brookline and Newton, enjoy nationwide recognition for excellence.

Community Offerings for Families

Boston and the surrounding communities provide a wide array of enjoyable and enriching opportunities for kids. There are numerous playgrounds, parks, and kid-friendly green spaces; a world-class aquarium, a children’s museum and a science museum; and innumerable other activities available, such as story hours and day trips.