Senior Researchers and Research Administrators

  • Jan L. Breslow, MD (1971) – Head, Lab of Biochemical Genetics and Metabolism, Rockefeller Univ., Past-President, American Heart Association
  • James L. M. Ferrara, MD (1983) – Professor and Director, Hematologic Malignancies Translational  Research Center, Tisch, School of Medicine, Mount Sinai
  • Todd R. Golub, MD (1992) – Chief Scientific Officer and Director, Cancer Prog, The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. Professor, Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital Boston and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • Lisa Guay-Woodford, MD (1986) – Director, Center for Translational Science, Children’s National Medical Center, Washington, DC. Previously, Director, Division of Genetic and Translational Medicine and Vice Chair, Dept of Genetics, Univ. of Alabama.
  • Mark A. Israel, MD (1976) – Director, Norris Cotton Cancer Center, Dartmouth
  • Julie R. Korenberg, MD, PhD (1982) – Director, Center for Integrated Neurosciences and Human Behavior at the Brain Institute, Utah. Previously, Director of Pediatric Research and Director of Neurogenetics, Medical Genetics Inst. Vice-Chair for Pediatrics Research, Cedars-Sinai, Los Angeles
  • Stephan Ladisch, MD (1976) – Previously, Director, Ctr for Cancer and Transplantation and Biology; Scientific Dir., Children’s Research Inst., Vice-Chair, Pediatrics, George Washington
  • Roderick R. McInnes, MD, PhD (1978) – Director of Research, Lady Davis Institute of Medical Research, Jewish General
    Hospital, McGill. Previously, University Professor, Chair, Dept of Molecular Medicine and Scientific Dir., Inst. of Genetics, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto
  • Louis J. Muglia, MD, PhD (1991) – Co-Director, Perinatal Institute, Division of Neonatology and Director, Center for Prevention of Preterm Birth, Cincinnati Children’s. Previously, Vice Chair for Research Affairs in Pediatrics, Vanderbilt and Director, Div. of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes, Washington University, St Louis
  • Stuart H. Orkin, MD (1975) – Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Boston Children’s Hospital. Chair, Dept. of Pediatric Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  • David S. Pellman, MD (1989) – Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Professor, Pediatrics. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Boston Children’s Hospital.
  • Edward V. Prochownik, MD, PhD (1981) – Director of Oncology Research, Pittsburgh
  • Bonnie W. Ramsey, MD (1979) – Director, Center for Clinical and Translational Research, Univ. of Washington
  • Evan Y. Snyder, MD, PhD (1983) – Program Director, Stem Cells and Regeneration, Burnham Institute, LaJolla
  • Anne E. Trontell, MD (1990) – Program Director, Center for Education & Research on Therapeutics. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Dept. of Health and Human Services
  • Linda Van Marter, MD (1983) – Vice Chair for Research, Department of Newborn Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • Paul H. Wise, MD (1981) – Director, Center for Policy, Outcomes and Prevention, Stanford