The goal of the Boston Combined Residency Program in Pediatrics is to train subspecialty and general pediatricians in both a distinctive and integrated manner. We believe this program serves as a national model for pediatric training and comprehensive care for children.  We are pleased to offer this program for applicants interested in becoming leaders in pediatrics, and we look forward to working closely with our future house officers to help shape the future of clinical care, research, and education.

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If you choose to signal the BCRP and wish to apply to more than one track (e.g., Categorical and LEAD or one of the combination tracks) you do not need to signal each track separately. If you signal any track within the BCRP we will assume that signal extends to any other tracks to which you apply.

2022-2023 Application Season Update:

Consistent with national recommendations regarding virtual interviews for reasons related to equity, safety, health, cost and environmental impact, all of the BCRP interview days will be virtual for the upcoming 2022-2023 season. The schedule of interview days is listed here.

We are committed to making these days informational, fun, and reflective of what we believe is so special about the BCRP. We want to showcase our residents and residency to you and vice versa!

We will continue our long tradition of holistic reviews of residency applications that emphasize understanding who you are as a future pediatrician and person. We do not require USMLE Step 2 scores for our review and understand parts of your application may have been modified because of the pandemic. That will not be a problem for us.

We issue interview invitations when our review is complete, but because we review each application in depth and write a detailed summary of each applicant, our reviews take longer than most other programs. We apologize for this but believe that reviewing the complete application and not using filters to exclude applicants is the fairest approach and allows us to identify the best applicants. Also, because we do not review applications in a systematic order some applications do not get reviewed until the end of the reading period and some applicants will receive interview invitations before others. Please note that we expect to complete our review and issue all interview invitations by November 10th.  You will hear from us by then.  (Note we had previously set Nov 8th as the date to issue all invitations but ERAS is closing for three days just before that so we had to push the date back to the 10th)

More information about the process of applying is listed here.

We look forward to reviewing your application and getting to know you better.

Please reach out to Sam Lux or Chris Cheston with any questions, ideas, or concerns.


Sharing the BCRP commitment as an actively anti-racist pediatrics training program

We acknowledge that inequity, bias, and systemic racism are present in our hospitals; we are committed to advancing anti-racist actions, policies, and care in our training program. We also know it is critical for our applicants to see how the BCRP is working to sustainably power and elevate actively anti-racist educational and clinical work. Some examples of this work include enhancing diversity amongst our BCRP leadership team in a specific and timely way; establishing dedicated time to championing anti-racism for Associate Program Directors at both institutions; and conducting a systematic review of our educational content and clinical learning environments to identify ways to intentionally dismantle structural racism.  Click here to learn more about this work.


Combined Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (Triple Board Program)

Boston Children’s Hospital and Tufts Medical Center have entered into a partnership to continue the longstanding Tufts Triple Board program as the joint Boston Children’s Hospital – Tufts Medical Center Triple Board Program. The five year Triple Board program combines Pediatrics, General Psychiatry, and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and enables graduates to be board eligible in each of these specialties. Two residents per year will be selected via the Match.

More information is available here and here. Information on how to apply is available here.