Academies of Investigation


We have two investigation related Academies: the Academy of Basic and Translational Investigation and the Academy of Clinical Investigation. Each subgroup will host joint as well as separate events. These Academies will unite residents and faculty whose careers in pediatrics will include a significant component of clinical or laboratory research, including those in all pediatric subspecialties and general pediatrics. They strive to prepare house staff for all aspects of a research career, including identifying mentors, exploring subspecialties, conducting research, meeting world class researchers, keeping up with advances in research, and learning how to develop an academic career.


Academy of  Basic/Translational Investigation

Mariella Filbin, MD, PhD
Samuel Lux, MD
Joseph Majzoub, MD
Rick Malley, MD
Brian McAlvin, MD
Raif Geha, MD
Vijay Sankaran, MD, PhD

Academy of Clinical Investigation

Michael Agus, MD
Todd Lyons, MD
Thomas Sandora, MD, MPH

Recent Activities

  • Mock study section
  • Grant opportunities
  • Research “Works in Progress” sessions
  • Study Design and Statistics
  • Data Blitzes (multiple 5-10 minute presentations of exciting research by faculty)
  • Introduction to tools such as PubMed, MyNCBI, I2B2, Patient 360 that are valuable in clinical research
  • Career trajectory of an investigator
  • Hosting the Basic Science Journal Club/Seminar and the Clinical Science Journal Club
  • Meet the Professor session
  • Beers and Bar Graphs evening series
  • COVID-19 AOBTI journal club which was published