Educational Opportunities

Below are brief descriptions of the daily educational opportunities that have been built into the residency. This collection of case presentations, conferences and lectures work in conjunction to augment the learning that occurs organically through patient care. While this list is relatively comprehensive it is certainly not exhaustive. Residents can always avail themselves of the multiple educational opportunities within Harvard, Boston University and the city of Boston itself.

Medical Grand Rounds

Weekly Grand Rounds at both institutions provide exposure to leading clinicians and researchers providing cutting-edge information about their areas of expertise. Grand Rounds features topics from multiple areas of medicine including clinical topics, basic science research, global health, and public policy.

Combined Conferences – Boston Children’s Hospital and Boston Medical Center

BCRP Rounds

Resident teaching at BCRP Rounds

This daily conference is perennially one of the highest rated educational experiences at the BCRP. A chief or senior resident is charged with presenting a recently admitted patient with an unusual or unknown diagnosis. A discussion between the residents and senior faculty follows, with a focus on differential diagnosis, management and prognosis, as well as nuances in the individual case which frequently prompt significant discussion. Priorities include developing generalizable lessons from unusual cases as well discussing unusual presentations of common diseases. Faculty from different specialties attend on different days, and are invited at the beginning of the year by the chief residents (considered a true honor by faculty).

Conferences – Boston Children’s Hospital

BCH Noon Conferences

Based on feedback from residents, the Medical Education Academy revamped the noon conference curriculum over the past few years. The new curriculum features two-week subspecialty blocks, with each noon conference covering a topic within the specific subspecialty. The sessions are given by a combination of residents, chief residents, fellows known for their excellent teaching skills and expert faculty. Conferences employ a wide variety of educational formats, including traditional didactic teaching, case-based learning, hands-on/skills sessions, and educational games. A fantastic lunch is provided daily. There are daily e-mails sent out with a boards prep question relevant to that block’s subspecialty.

Noon Conference in the housestaff Lounge. All noon time core conferences have a free lunch!

Intern Report

Intern Report

This is a new and very popular conference one morning a week exclusively for interns. An intern presents a case and leads a discussion on differential diagnosis, work-up and management. A chief resident attends to participate in the discussion as well.

Subspecialty Conferences

While on certain rotations – pulmonary, GI, cardiology, oncology, ICP, and MSICU – residents attend daily morning lectures organized by that department. These sessions are led by the subspecialty fellows or faculty and cover a range of topics within that subspecialty.

Conferences – Boston Medical Center (BMC)

BMC Noon Conferences

Residents learn how to splint at noon conference during the orthopedics subspecialty block

Noon Conference at BMC occurs daily and the curriculum parallels the new two-week subspecialty blocks described above in BCH Noon Conference. Similar topics are covered simultaneously at both hospitals, so residents will have comparable learning no matter what rotation they are on. Chief residents and expert faculty lead the sessions. Residents can draw from the experiences and knowledge of the many senior faculty members who attend. Conferences employ a wide variety of educational formats, including traditional didactic teaching, casebased learning, hands-on/skills sessions, and educational games.  Simulations and mock codes are incorporated weekly. A delicious lunch is provided daily.

Case of the Week

This weekly presentation at Boston Medical Center is organized and moderated by the senior residents rotating in the PICU, the NICU, the ED, and the Ward. The cases are current or recently discharged patients chosen to illustrate specific topics. The resident selects the case and works with a subspecialty faculty member(s) to develop the conference. All residents rotating at BMC, as well as the pediatric faculty, attend the presentation.

Grand Rounds/Health Equity Rounds

Health Equity Rounds

Medical Grand Rounds takes place weekly at Boston Medical Center with presentations from clinical, research, innovation, advocacy, educational, and community leaders providing cutting-edge information about their areas of expertise. Topics include: clinical presentations; basic, clinical, and health services research; care innovation; public policy; and social justice.

Health Equity Rounds (HER) is a longitudinal, case-based conference series and curriculum that replaces BMC Grand Rounds at least quarterly. HER was built on the belief that medical education has the power to improve health equity through addressing the impact of structural racism and implicit bias on patient care. Based in the Department of Pediatrics at Boston Medical Center, the HER curriculum has been disseminated to Children’s National, Duke, Massachusetts General Hospital for Children and Boston Children’s Hospital.