Special Class-wide and Residency-wide Educational Events

Intern Orientation

Practicing procedures during intern orientation

The BCRP features an intensive orientation process with the specific intention of better preparing interns for the first day of internship. Besides the traditional information sessions, we offer simulations to enhance the function of interns in their inpatient rotations, and provide modules and clear guidelines about written documentation, oral presentations, procedures, the I-PASS handoff curriculum and on-call expectations. We also orient new interns to the information systems and have them gain competence in writing orders, viewing medical information, laboratory results, and images, and in navigating the electronic health record systems. Although the Orientation covers many work topics, it is balanced by social events to facilitate new interns getting to know their classmates.  This year’s Orientation was mainly in-person but we offered virtual sessions for those incoming Interns who were unable to attend in person.

Intern Boot Camp

During the Intern Boot Camp, incoming interns spend time on the wards taking care of a small number of patients in a highly supervised fashion. Among other topics, there is instruction on how to present a patient on family centered rounds, how to call a consult, how to safely enter orders and how to document effectively and efficiently. Interns practice these skills with increased supervision and guidance. This program has been enthusiastically received by the new interns who say it gives them confidence and better prepares them to start internship.


Breakfast together at intern retreat

There are two residency-wide retreats held in the fall and late winter in which we address a variety of topics that are part of the basic culture or values of the residency program. In the past, we addressed themes such as upstander training, teaching, leadership skills, feedback, work-life balance, patient-centered care, communication skills, the I-PASS handoff curriculum, Patient and Family Centered Rounds based on the I-PASS mnemonic, and skills training. It is an opportunity for all residents to spend a day together to reflect on the topics chosen and have a welcome break from the day-to-day responsibility of residency.

Residents provide the program with enormous feedback during these retreats, and this feedback drives curricular innovation, renovation and, at times, transformational change for the BCRP.

Rising Class Orientations

In the late spring, we host class-wide orientation for Rising Juniors and Rising Seniors, in which we focus on new aspects of the curriculum, leadership skills, and personal and professional development.

More pictures of the Intern Retreat and Orientation .