Salaries and Benefits

Interns with first paycheck

Residency appointments are for one-year but house officers are accepted with the expectation that they will complete the full course of training needed for board certification. Depending on the track, residents receive their salary and benefits from Boston Children’s Hospital or Boston Medical Center. Benefits are not identical, but the program directors continually review the benefits packages and work to ensure benefits are as comparable as possible.




                             Categorical Track     

                             (Salary from BCH)

Urban Health and Advocacy  Track 

(Salary from BMC)

PL-1:                      $70,990 $65,442*
PL-2:                      $73,850 $67,917*
PL-3:                      $76,960 $71,110*
PL-4:                      $80,785
PL-5:                      $86,395
Chief Resident:    $93,050

 * The Categorical and UHAT tracks have different pay scales because they are generated from the institutional pay scales at Boston Children’s Hospital and Boston Medical Center. For the last 9 years, the pay scale at Boston Medical Center has been lower than that at Boston Childrens Hospital, however each year the hospital leadership has been able to pay this difference to UHAT residents so that the UHAT residents have received the same annual salary as their Categorical counterparts. Although we are not able to predict how salaries will differ between the two institutions in the future, we will continue to make every effort possible to reconcile any salary differences between the two tracks each year.