Salaries and Benefits

Interns with first paycheck

The BCRP aims to be a program that provides a locally competitive salary and benefits package that meets the needs of trainees. Residency appointments are for one year, but house officers are accepted with the expectation that they will complete the full course of training needed for board certification.

Residents are either employed by Boston Childrens Hospital (Categorical track, combined programs except Med-Peds who are employed by MGB) or Boston Medical Center (LEAD). Since LEAD residents are employed by BMC, they are currently members of one of the longest established Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR) resident unions. As of August 2023, at the time of this website update, the hospital and BMC CIR union were still in active negotiations over the next BMC house officer contract.

The BCRP firmly and unequivocally believes that all residents in the program should be paid the same salary and have access to equivalent stipends and benefits. BCRP leadership are actively engaging in high-level conversations to align salaries, stipends, and benefits across both tracks given the equivalent clinical exposure of the tracks. Thus, we encourage you to check back to this website or inquire on your interview day about updates.

 You will note: although the salaries set for LEAD residents have been lower than the salaries set for Boston Childrens Hospital residents for the last 11 years, the difference between Categorial and LEAD has been made up/paid to the LEAD residents each year for the last 11 years in the form of two payments made part way through the academic year.




                             Categorical Track     

                             (Salary from BCH)

Leadership in Equity and Advocacy Track 

(Salary from BMC)

PL-1:                      $75,679 $75,094
PL-2:                      $78,728 $78,098
PL-3:                      $82,045 $81,222
PL-4:                      $86,118
PL-5:                      $92,103 $87,850

For FY2023, BCH employees began receiving the following:

  • A 4% retirement core contribution into a 403(b), distributed annually after the close of the calendar year to all Boston Children’s W-2 ACGME/CODA Clinical Fellows and Residents who have more than 2.5 years of service with Boston Children’s as of December 31 of each calendar year. ACGME/CODA Clinical Fellows and Residents who terminate employment during the year do not receive a contribution for that year.
    • Like Categorical residents, LEAD residents are eligible for this benefit if they become BCH employees after residency.
  • A $10,000 housing/cost of living stipend, distributed annually for the duration of their ACGME approved residency/fellowship payable to all ACGME/CODA Clinical Fellows and Residents in a training program.
    • LEAD residents received this stipend in AY23.  The recently ratified CIR contract currently includes annual or biannual stipends that total $11k over 3 years of training.
  • Childcare subsidy program for eligible employees who earn $100,000 or less per year ($200/month for children 6 years old or younger)
  • Student loan assistance program to help pay off existing student loans. A match payment of up to $200 per month ($100 for employees with less than 30 hours a week), paid directly to the loan servicer.  

To reiterate, BCRP leadership aim to align salaries, stipends, and benefits across Categorical and LEAD tracks. Please check this website or inquire on your interview day about updates.