Innovation Academy


This Academy will bring together house staff, faculty, clinical and health systems leaders, and other participants from academia and industry to develop a community of learning that will advance health system innovation, integration, and improvement. It strives to promote innovation by developing skills and inter-professional relationships both within and external to traditional medical care systems; to nurture among house staff and faculty an environment that stimulates creativity and shared thinking; and to explore new models of care, tools for improved patient care delivery, and implementation of evidence-based practices in clinical settings. Innovation is a key competency for anyone aspiring to play a leadership role in health care delivery. The skills and content offered through the Innovation Academy will be cross-cutting to BCRP house staff with diverse career aspirations including research, education, and clinical medicine both within and outside of academia.

Learn more about the Innovation Academy in this awesome resident-led publication.


Richard Antonelli, MD, MS
Jonathan Hatoun, MD, MPH
Barry Zuckerman, MD

Recent Activities

  • TED Talks with leaders in the field
  • Career development session for the clinical innovator
  • Presentation skills
  • Medicaid in the age of the Affordable Care Act
  • Participation in the Boston Children’s Hospital Innovation Summit
  • Innovation in medical education
  • Medical home
  • LEAN methodology
  • Mini-hackathon