Night Call and Night Float Teams

Night team roof top yoga

Patients admitted to each of the general pediatrics services at Boston Children’s and BMC receive care at night from a dedicated “night team” consisting of an intern and supervising resident. Each “night team” rotation lasts two weeks, affording the team continuity of care and consistency between the intern and the supervising resident. On average, interns and seniors have two 2-week “night team” rotations on a general pediatric service over the course of the year. On-call rooms and meal allowances are provided for house officers on night duty.

Hybrid X+Y Scheduling Model 

The BCRP has transitioned to X+Y, eliminating all 24-hour shifts from our residency. We schedule the year based on 6-week blocks, during which we try to group rotations that allow residents to build on their clinical knowledge (e.g., grouping newborn nursery with NICU weeks for interns) and allow better pacing during the year (pairing 4 weeks of intensive subspecialty or ICU time with lighter rotations like elective, mental health or vacation). Throughout the 6-week unit, we attempt to ensure continuity between teams, ensuring that the subspecialty day team then moves to nights together and that the general pediatric teams rotate on admit together, to allow for more time to learn and grow as a team.


Residents on call on New Year’s Eve