Leadership Seminar and Retreats

Leadership Seminar

Historically, medical schools and residencies have not given residents adequate skills and teaching in order to become great managers and leaders.

A longitudinal leadership curriculum has been developed to formally train residents to be leaders in the field of pediatrics, both clinically and in career-specific interests. Residents learn about leadership theories, explore concepts in social and emotional intelligence, and acquire skills in negotiation and managing teams.


Semi-annual, day-long, house staff retreats allow residents to reflect on their clinical experiences and on the training program and to obtain new skill sets. Topics have ranged from leadership sessions with respected faculty members discussing important leadership strategies, to redefining success and meaning in medicine, to health policy with experts in the field coming to discuss the changes to the Massachusetts health system, and much more. These retreats are paired with Academy sessions to continue building specific skills in residents’ chosen area. Interns also attend a protected 2-day retreat in the fall of their intern year to allow for class bonding time. There are also rising junior and rising senior full day retreats in the springtime that cover topics for the upcoming year.