Research Tracks

The BCRP supports both research pathways approved by the American Board of Pediatrics:

  • Accelerated Research Pathway (ARP) – This pathway is for residents committed to an academic career as a physician-scientist. It allows the resident to complete pediatrics training in two years in exchange for adding an extra year of research as a fellow.  Since almost all fellows training to be physician-scientists do more than three years of fellowship research anyway, this is an attractive pathway.
  • Integrated Research Pathway (IRP) – This pathway is open to those with MD/PhDs . The pathway allows residents to combine 24-months of clinical residency with up to 12-months of research, beginning after the PL-1 year. At least 5-months of the research must be in the PL-3 year.

These pathways are described in detail in the American Board of Pediatrics website or in a downloadable document we have prepared from the site.

Eligibility for Research Tracks

Technically, intern applicants cannot be guaranteed acceptance into these pathways before the beginning of their internship since clinical performance and PL-1 in-service exam scores are used to judge a candidate’s suitability for accelerated training. However, nearly all residents who wished to pursue one of these pathways over the past decades have been allowed to do so.

Housestaff who wish to pursue these pathways instead of a senior year, must notify Ted Sectish by January 1st of their internship year and demonstrate superior clinical competence and scores on the In Training Examination of the American Board of Pediatrics that predict successful passage of the general pediatrics certifying examination. The Executive Committee oversees the selection process for interested candidates.

Special Tracks

The BCRP makes every effort to allow residents the freedom to pursue special research pathways that meet their needs. For example, some residents have extended their period of training for family reasons, and a few have left the program for a year to write a book, start a company or undertake or complete a project.