As of 2007, a remarkable number of the 1968-1992 graduates of our residency program were members of the institutions that guide American medicine and pediatrics and that select their members based on scientific accomplishment.
  • National Academy of Sciences and/or National Academy of Medicine – 14 members¬†(currently 20 active members from all years)
  • American Society of Clinical Investigation – 36 members
  • American Pediatric Society – 84 members
  • Society for Pediatric Research – 112 members

Residents (1968-Present) in the National Academy of Sciences and/or the National Academy of Medicine

Nancy C. Andrews, MD, PhD
Donald M. Berwick, MD

Diana W. Bianci, MD
Jan L. Breslow, MD
Atul Butte, MD
Jonathan E. Fielding, MD
Jonathan D. Gitlin, MD
Todd R. Golub, MD
Alan E. Guttmacher, MD
Margaret K. Hostetter, MD

Anna Huttenlocher, MD
Isaac S. Kohane, MD, PhD
Philip J. Landrigan, MD
Louis J. Muglia, MD, PhD
Stuart H. Orkin, MD
Philip A. Pizzo, MD
Bonnie Ramsey, MD
Mark C. Rogers, MD
Mark A. Schuster, MD, PhD
Alan L. Scwartz, MD, PhD

Residents (1968-Present) who were awarded the E. Mead Johnson award for research in pediatrics (year awarded)

The 1968-1996 graduates won 35% of the E. Mead Johnson awards (the most prestigious research award in pediatrics) that could have been won by their classes. Overall Children’s trainees and faculty have won 37% of the 154 awards given since the inception of the award in 1939.
Erwin W. Gelfand (1981)
Samuel E. Lux IV (1983)

John A. Phillips III (1984)
Jan L. Breslow (1984)
Raif S. Geha (1986)
Stuart H. Orkin (1987)
Alan L. Schwartz (1993)
Margaret K. Hostetter (1995)
Alan M. Krensky (1995)
Donald Y.M. Leung (1997)
Jonathan D. Gitlin (1998)
Steve A.N. Goldstein (2001)

Nancy C. Andrews (2002)
David S. Pellman (2006)
Marc E. Rothenberg (2007)
Todd R. Golub (2008)
Victor Nizet (2008)
Joel Hirschhorn (2011)
Scott A. Armstrong (2012)
Atul Butte (2014
William Pu (2013)
Loren Walensky (2015)
Kimberly Stegmaier (2016)

Residents who won the SPR Young Investigator Award (year awarded)

Since the inception of the SPR Young Investigator award in 1983, Children’s Hospital or BCRP-trained Faculty have won 42% of the awards given.
Alan L. Schwartz (1983)
Alan M. Krensky (1985)
Edward V. Prochownik (1986)
Roger E. Breitbart (1998)
Nancy C. Andrews (1994)
Todd R. Golub (1997)
Louis J. Muglia (1999)
Joel N. Hirschhorn (2004)
Brian J. Feldman (2008)
Loren D. Walensky (2009)
Atul J. Butte (2010)
Kimberly Stegmaier (2012)
Sallie R. Permar (2014)
Vijay G. Sankaran (2015)
Daniel E. Bauer (2017)