Diversity and Inclusion

The Boston Combined Residency Program in Pediatrics (BCRP) links the pediatric training programs of Boston Children’s Hospital and Boston Medical Center. The strength of Children’s Hospital, one of the world’s leading pediatric research and training institutions and a designated  LGBTQ Healthcare Leader by the Healthcare Equality Index, is combined with the passion and commitment of Boston Medical Center’s tradition of excellence in clinical research and primary care for underserved populations.

The BCRP is committed to reducing healthcare disparities and creating a workforce that reflects the diversity of our patient populations. Providing children and families with the very best care requires an understanding of their physical, emotional, and cultural needs. For this reason, we seek diverse residents who possess an intellectual curiosity, a passion for medicine, and a compassionate commitment to patients and their families.

The BCRP embraces all forms of diversity including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, disability, socioeconomic status, gender identity, and sexual orientation. We are committed to recruiting and supporting a diverse resident workforce and have outlined the following goals:

  • To increase the number of BCRP housestaff from underrepresented minority groups.
  • To provide support to our trainees that are underrepresented in medicine through faculty engagement, mentorship, education, and resident attendance to national conferences such as SNMA and LMSA.
  • To shape the professional development of a cadre of minority physicians who will become leaders in all aspects of pediatrics including patient care, research, medical education, health care policy and child advocacy.

Diversity Council

SNMA National Conference
SNMA National Conference

The Diversity Council is a resident-led and faculty supported group that works to achieve the goals outlined above. The council is made up of residents and faculty who share diverse backgrounds, as well as their allies. All residents and faculty are invited to join the Diversity Council.

BCRP’s Diversity Council is divided into three working groups:

  • Recruitment: Focuses on creating an inclusive environment for incoming applicants while also organizing opportunities for applicants to meet resident and faculty members of the Diversity Council through dinners and hosting programs.
  • Education: Reviews our curriculum to ensure that we are spending time educating our residents and faculty on topics that will improve their ability to care for our diverse patient populations.
  • Community: Fosters and supports our community within the BCRP by providing opportunities for mentorship, collaboration with pipeline programs within our partner institutions, and ensuring that our residents are represented at national and regional conferences such as LMSA and SNMA.

The Diversity Council is led by faculty and resident leaders of each working group, as well as a Diversity Chief Resident who is dedicated to these ongoing efforts each year.

LMSA National Conference
LMSA National Conference


We also partner with several groups both in our hospitals and our associated medical schools, including:

Diversity Dinners

On the evenings before interviews, applicants with diverse backgrounds are invited for an informal dinner to meet housestaff, fellows, and faculty. Applicants have rated these dinners very highly because they provide the opportunity to discuss a wide range of issues with current members of the BCRP community in a relaxed atmosphere.