Medical Information Systems

Information management is state-of-the-art

Timely retrieval of clinical information is a priority for house officers. An integrated electronic hospital information system is available at both institutions to provide state-of-the-art information management. All vital signs and flowcharting, imaging, laboratory results, diagnostic studies, documentation by all outpatient and inpatient clinical services, physician orders, prescriptions, and drug formularies as well as some decision support capabilities exist in our electronic health records (EHR).  Integrated email and paging systems facilitate communications across both sites. Residents play an important role in the implementation the EHR and the improvement of these systems.


Highly secure remote access to both the Boston Medical Center and Children’s Hospital systems is available to all residents 24 hours per day, including records, lab results, radiology images, and paging. In addition, the BCRP website provides password-restricted access to useful information for residents such as colleague contact information, rotation survival guides, upcoming schedules and announcements, and a database of useful articles and presentations.