Interns and Residents

The Boston Combined Residency Program is highly diverse group, comprised of 194 residents who come from 32 states and 24 countries. One hundred nineteen are in the Categorical Track, which includes combined programs in genetics, pediatric anesthesiology and child neurology; 35 are in the Leadership in Equity and Advocacy (LEAD) Track, previously called the Urban Health and Advocacy Track; 16 are in the Medicine-Pediatrics program; and 24 are in a new Tufts Track described below. They went to 112 different colleges and 96 medical schools. They majored in an extraordinarily wide range of subjects and hold a variety of degrees in addition to their medical degrees. Thirty seven hold PhD, DPhil or DMed degrees, 17 hold MPHs, 4 hold MBAs, and 19 hold other masters degrees including MPP, MS, MSc, MPhil, MHS, EM, MEd and MEE degrees.

This year is a unique year, as of July 1, 2022, Tufts Children’s Hospital closed its inpatient services. As such, patients from Tufts Children’s Hospital will transfer their care to other hospitals in Boston, and the current PGY2 and 3 Pediatrics Residents will complete their training through a new collaboration between Boston Children’s Hospital and Tufts Medical Center. The Tufts residents include 8 PGY2s, 14 PGY3 residents, and 2 Chief Residents. They are a mix of categorical pediatric residents, triple board residents, and pediatric neurology residents!