Interns and Residents

The Boston Combined Residency Program is highly diverse group, comprised of 183  residents. 125 are in the Categorical Track, which includes combined programs in genetics, pediatric anesthesiology, child neurology and the new triple board program; 34 are in the Leadership in Equity and Advocacy (LEAD) Track, previously called the Urban Health and Advocacy Track; 16 are in the Medicine-Pediatrics program; and 8 are in the Tufts Track described below. They went to over 100 different colleges and nearly as many medical schools, majored in an extraordinarily wide range of subjects and hold a variety of degrees in addition to their medical degrees.

Last year Tufts Children’s Hospital closed its inpatient services. Their pediatric residents, now senior residents, are completing their training through a collaboration between Boston Children’s Hospital and Tufts Medical Center.