Interns and Residents

The 165 residents in the Boston Combined Residency Program are exceptionally diverse. They come from 36 states and territories of the United States and 26 countries. They attended 83 different colleges and 69 medical schools. They majored in more than 55 diverse subjects including, in addition to a wide variety of biological sciences, anthropology, ecology, evolution, pharmacology, creative writing, English, French, Spanish, Latin American studies, Judaic studies, classics, philosophy, multiple kinds of history, various types of global or community health, health or public policy, child development, international affairs, economics, government, political science, various kinds of economics, multiple kinds of engineering,  chemistry, biophysics, nuclear science, computational biology, mathematics, studio art, French horn, violin, and music composition. Thirty-two have a  PhDs or DPhil, four are MBAs, and 23 hold an MPH, MSc, MHS, MPhil, MEd, MEE, MM or CM degree. Fourteen of the residents graduated from  Harvard Medical School, 11 from Boston University. 7 from Pennsylvania,  Yale and Columbia, 6 from Mount Sinai, and four each from UCSF,  Michigan, Tufts, Chicago Pritzker, Albert Einstein, Case Western Reserve,  and Penn State. But, we are also delighted that a number of residents come from schools that are new or relatively new to the BCRP, including, Mercer,  Texas Tech, Mississippi, Central Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Rutgers Robert  Wood Johnson and the University of California at Davis.