Student Rotations

Boston Children’s Hospital

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, Harvard Medical School has reactivated its visiting clerkship program and is welcoming back US medical students for clinical elective opportunities.  Students interested in doing electives in pediatrics or pediatric subspecialties at Boston Children’s Hospital should contact the Exchange Clerkship Program in the  Registrar’s Office at Harvard Medical School. Currently electives are not available to international students. The website will be updated if this changes.

Phone: (617) 432-1515

Students can select up to 3 rotation month blocks and specify up to 15 course selections. The Registrar gives priority to Harvard Medical students, so outside students sometimes won’t know their elective until a 4-6 weeks before it begins. If all their choices are full, the Registrar will check if there are any vacancies in the less popular electives.

Boston Medical Center

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine is again welcoming US medical students for clinical elective opportunities.  International students are currently not eligible for elective rotations.  Students interested in doing rotations at Boston Medical Center should contact the Visting Student Elective Program in the Registrar’s office at BU Chobanian & Avedisian SOM.

Phone: (617) 638-4160.

Minority Recruitment

Harvard Medical School and Boston Medical Center have a well-established Minority Recruitment Programs. In some cases they provide housing and financial assistance for travel.


Neither Children’s Hospital nor Boston Medical Center encourage rotations where students function simply as observers. However, some divisions and departments at Children’s Hospital offer observership opportunities.