Intern Interview Invitations

We issue interview invitations when our review is complete, but because we review each application in depth and write a detailed summary of each applicant, our reviews take longer than most other programs. We apologize for this but believe that reviewing the complete application and not using filters to exclude applicants is the fairest approach and allows us to identify the best applicants. Also, because we do not review applications in a systematic order some applications do not get reviewed until the end of the reading period and some applicants will receive interview invitations before others. Please note that we expect to complete our review and issue all interview invitations by November 9th. You will hear from us by then.

More information about the process of applying is listed here. The schedule of interview days is listed here.


If you choose to signal the BCRP and wish to apply to more than one track (e.g., Categorical and LEAD or one of the combination tracks) you do not need to signal each track separately. If you signal any track within the BCRP we will assume that signal extends to any other tracks to which you apply.


The goal of the Boston Combined Residency Program in Pediatrics is to train subspecialty and general pediatricians in both a distinctive and integrated manner. We believe this program serves as a national model for pediatric training and comprehensive care for children.  We are pleased to offer this program for applicants interested in becoming leaders in pediatrics, and we look forward to working closely with our future house officers to help shape the future of clinical care, research, advocacy, health equity and education.

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