Residents Present Research at Pediatric Academic Societies

Bob Vinci and friends at 2013 PAS in Washington, DC

Twenty-seven current and recent BCRP houseofficers submitted 30 abstracts of their research to the spring meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies in Baltimore, MD, April 24 to May 1, 2019.

The abstracts included (resident’s names in boldface).

  • Lindsey Gaston. Premature and Exaggerated Adrenarche in Prader-Willi Syndrome Results in Accelerated Vertical Growth and Advanced Bone Age Before a Pubertal Decline.
  • Yasmine White. Using MRI for Early Exit from Neonatal Therapeutic Hypothermia: A Single Institution Experience.
  • Emily Bucholtz; Toomey, Sara. Trends in Readmission Rates for Medicaid and Privately Insured Pediatric Patients.
  • Yasmine White, Hamsika Chandrasekar, Claudio Ribeiro, Christopher Landrigan,Carolyn Marcus. Resident Perspectives on Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowships.
  • James Xie. National Survey of Combined Pediatrics-Anesthesiology Residents and Graduates: Decision to Pursue Critical Care Training Impacted by Length of Total Training Time.
  • Eli Freiman, Laura Chiel, Chase Parsons, Ariel Winn, Christopher Landrigan, Julie Yarahuan. The Next Morning: Modifications Made on Rounds to Orders Placed by Overnight Admitting Residents.
  • Kimi Warlamount, Anna Sheridan, Eli Frieman, Ariel Winn, Anna Cushing. Investigating Areas for Improvement in Feedback from Fellows to Residents in a Academic Pediatric Residency Program.
  • Camila Mateo. Racial Ethnic Discrimination and Depressive Symptoms in Youth.
  • Laura Chiel. Thanks for the Frustrating Feedback: A Toolkit for Learning How to Receive Almost Any Feedback in Order to Drive Professional Growth.
  • Avital Ludomirsky. Household Material Hardship Among Hospitalized Children with Advanced Heart Disease.
  • Holly Hodges. Yield of Genetic Testing in Toddlers Diagnosed with DSM-5 Autism in the Clinical Setting.
  • Holly Hodges. No Gender Differences in Cognitive or Adaptive Functioning Abilities for Toddlers Diagnosed with DSM-5 Autism.
  • Stephanie Doupnik, Jay Berry. Healthcare Utilization and Spending for Children with Mental Health Conditions in Medicaid.
  • Colin Sox, Jefferson Barrett, Yarden Fraiman. Burnout and empathy during the first quarter of pediatric internship.
  • Lawrence Chang. How do caregivers feel about being offered gun safety devices in the pediatric ED?
  • Erin Meyer, Jeffrey Stout, Ai Wern Chung, Borjan Gagoski, Ellen Grant, Rebekah Mannix. Longitudinal Changes in Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in Pediatric Concussion: A Pilot Study.
  • Lillian Buchhalter, Kenneth Michelson, Richard Bachur, Michael Monuteaux. Development of A Novel Tool for Identification of Delayed Diagnosis of Serious Emergency Conditions.
  • Camla Mateo. Implicit and explicit attitudes among pediatric emergency physicians in a U.S teaching hospital.
  • Daria Murosko. Inpatient, emergency room, and primary care utilization in opioid-exposed infants in the first six months of life.
  • Matt Luchette, Amanda Growdon, Sara Toomey. A Quality Improvement Initiative for Scheduling Rounds on the General Pediatrics Wards.
  • Laura Chiel, Eli Freiman. Utilizing Best Practices in Multimedia Design to Develop a Video- Based Curriculum for the Pediatrics Clerkship.
  • Hannah Barber-Doucet, Lois Lee. Diversity and Bias Training among Pediatric Residents: Attitudes and Gaps in Training.
  • Jonathan Levin. Lung Function Trajectories in Former Premature Infants: identifying risk factors for abnormal lung growth.
  • Jonathan Levin. Enteral Feeding Patterns in a National Cohort of Infants with Severe Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia.
  • Hiu-fai Fong, M Tamene, DS Morley, A Morris, MG Estela, A Singerman, M Bair-Merritt. Perceptions of the impact and implementation of pediatric behavioral health integration in three community health centers.
  • Yuan He. National Trends in Child Maltreatment Outcomes Associated with Caregiver Substance Use from 2000-2015.
  • Lizzy Wilson. Impact of High-Deductible Health Plan Enrollment on Controller Medication Use and Oral Steroid Bursts for Children with Asthma.
  • Christina Callas, Lucy Rubin, Amanda Growdon, Liza Pingree, Meg Connelly, Laura Chiel, Dennis Daniel, Eli Freiman, Nina Gold,  Traci Wolbrink. Best Practices on Multimedia Design to Develop a Video-Based Curriculum for the Pediatrics Clerkship.
  • Cynthia Gubbels, Grace VanNoy, Jill Madden, Monica Wojcik, Nina Gold, Joan Stoler, Alan Beggs, Olaf Bodamer, Pankaj Agrawal, Timothy Yu. Rapid Turnaround Whole Exome Sequencing for Critically Ill Neonates.
  • Andrea Alonso, Karen Cuttin, Miralia Sanchez, Sandra Schumacher, Alexandra Epee- Bounya, Tanvi Sharma, Lara Antkowiak, Jeffrey Campbell. A Quality Improvement Initiative to Enhance Traveler Identification in an Urban Pediatric Primary Care Center.