Eli Sprecher and Natalie Stavas

During their residency, Eli and Natalie created a smartphone application that makes it easy for providers, at the point of care, to screen patients for their psychosocial needs, find local resources, and reliably send those resources to their patients or their families via text message or e-mail. The application is currently being piloted in Boston as well as at Yale, Stanford, Vanderbilt, and Jersey Shore University Medical Center.

Jessica Schiffman

While obtaining her MPH at the Harvard School of Public Health, recent resident Jessica Schiffman worked closely with Sad Sayeed (Children’s Hospital) and Jonathan Sector (Mass General) to develop the Neonatal Rescue Cot, a resuscitation device for use in resource-limited settings. The cot is a molded plastic device that has a well for the baby and slots for an ambu-bag and a suction device. It also has pictorial reminders to aid the health worker in providing the most appropriate levels of care. The device improves on the current practice in many third world settings where the birth attendant lays an infant on the floor while attending to the mother.

 Timmy Ho and Dennis Daniel

These two recent residents started an innovation incubator to provide startup funds for small innovative ventures.