Grants for Global Travel and Research Projects

The Boston Children’s Hospital Global Health Program was founded in 2013 to gather global health practitioners from across the hospital into a multidisciplinary approach to our global work. As part of this initiative the program provides grant funding for residents. Residents can apply for grants of up to $3,000, $5,000 or $10,000. The Schliesman and Von L Meyer Funds are also specifically dedicated to fund oversees experiences of residents and several residents per year receive about $1,000 each for this purpose.

Recent Examples of Funded Research Projects

  • Developing protocols for fever in patients with sickle cell disease in West Africa (Ghana)
  • Qualitative research on community care of newborns (Tanzania)
  • Pediatric and endocrine practice with Navajo Indians (New Mexico)
  • Teaching neonatal resuscitations (Indonesia)
  • Developing an OpenPediatrics cardiology module for residents (Rwanda)
  • Evaluation of clinical outcomes and predictors of mortality in an acute care unit (Tanzania)
  • Developing a code card for resident use (Tanzania)
  • Research on neonatal care in the community (Indonesia)
  • Diarrhea illness management and research (Bangladesh)
  • Newborn care improvement at a periurban hospital in Nairobi (Kenya)
  • Training nurses in neonatal resuscitation in rural Peru (Peru)

In the past few years, residents have also participated in rotations in Jamaica, India and South Africa.

Pictures of Housestaff on International Rotations and Electives