Global Health Pathway

Starting in academic year 2018-2019, two residents per year will be selected via a competitive application process for the Global Health Pathway of the BCRP. The goal of this pathway is to provide each resident with mentorship for global health careers, with dedicated individualized academic afternoons during retreats (replacing a BCRP Academy), to provide a community including dedicated
faculty mentors, and to support the generation of  additional resident-driven curricula, including journal
clubs and networking events. Residents in this pathway will work with their mentors to help plan 4  weeks of  contiguous call-free elective time for global health electives/fieldwork in the junior year. Seniors will have 6 weeks of contiguous call-free time for global health fieldwork. GH Pathway residents will also be guaranteed to have either elective or ADB rotations during October of either the junior or senior year to allow them to attend  the Global Health Skills week. Residents will present a final project  on their global health work near the end of  senior year. Incoming interns in either the categorical or
UHAT tracks will apply immediately after matching. More  information about the Global Health Pathway application process is available here.