Unique Educational Initiatives and Development

Post call waffle making
  • BCRP Wellness Committee – This committee developed activities and programs to enhance the personal and professional development of residents. As an example, we designated February as “Funuary” and created a series of fun leisure activities that brought residents and program leaders together. We also offer a voluntary program for all residents several times a year for screening for depression and burnout with confidential referrals for evaluation and treatment.
  • BCRP Leadership Curriculum – We introduced a Leadership Curriculum spanning all three years that focuses on team leadership within the program and leadership roles in one’s future career with an annual housestaff-wide retreat focusing on leadership topics. In addition, each resident is assigned a leadership mentor to facilitate their leadership roles within the program such as on supervisory rotations, but also with attention to their ongoing leadership skills as they advance in their careers.
Mixology session at Associate Program Director Tom Sandora’s house
  • BCRP Diversity Committee – This committee focuses on the recruitment of individuals with diverse backgrounds to the BCRP. It is part of our program’s aim to attract people who bring diverse perspectives to enhance the program and serve our diverse patient population. The BCRP seeks to attract individuals from diverse backgrounds including, but not limited to race, ethnicity, disability, socioeconomic status, gender identity, and sexual orientation.