Supervisory Rotations in the Junior Year

We have focused a lot of our curricular changes on the junior year with a major goal to provide more supervisory experiences earlier in residency. Supervisory experiences in the junior year also support the curricular needs of residents in combined programs and non-standard research pathways. We included new experiences to expand the list of experiences that are already supervisory in the program now: Brigham and Women’s (BWH) Delivery Room Rotation, Boston Medical Center (BMC) NICU Junior, Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) 6NE Junior, BCH Intermediate Care Program (ICP) Junior, BHC Short Stay Unit Junior, and BMC Ward Junior. New rotations will include: BCH 7W Subspecialties Junior and the BCH Complex Care Service Junior. The respective night rotations also provided supervisory experiences. These new experiences provide juniors with more opportunities to expand their leadership skills.