This initiative aims to reduce medical errors, improve the patient, family, and provider experiences, and promote a shared mental model of the plan of care. Based on pilot data that patients and families had a discordant understanding of the plan of care, Alisa Khan and Christopher Landrigan developed an Intervention Bundle and launched a multisite project across North America. We will be implementing the new approach to care at Boston Children’s Hospital and Boston Medical Center on the general inpatient units starting in the new academic year. The Intervention Bundle consists of: 1) engaging and empowering patients and families with an orientation to Patient and Family Centered Rounds on admission (with a brochure); 2) a new format of discussion on rounds based on the organizing framework of the mnemonic, I-PASS, plus a written Rounds Report that summarizes what we discussed; and 3) standardized communication techniques throughout the day and night shifts with an inter-professional Huddle at mid-shift. We have been training faculty at both sites this Spring and will do training at Rising Junior Orientation, Rising Senior Orientation and New Intern Orientation.