2021 Interns

BCRP Welcomes New Intern Class

The Boston Combined Residency Program welcomes 47 new pediatric and 4 med-peds members of what promises to be one of the best classes in its history. The new interns come from 21 states and 7 countries, went to 32 different colleges and 33 different medical schools. They majored in nearly 30 diverse subjects including, in addition to a wide variety of biological sciences, anthropology, Spanish, Russian, Asian and Middle Eastern studies, international affairs, history, economics, international relations, religion, nursing, health disparities, public health, global health, music composition, religion, chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, physics, mathematics, applied mathematics, computer science, and chemical, electrical and biological engineering. Fourteen are PhDs, one has PhD-like research experience, and ten hold an MPH, MBA, MS, MPhil or EM degree. Six of the new interns went to medical school at Harvard, four at Stanford, three at Columbia, and two each at Texas Southwestern, Medical College of Georgia, Johns Hopkins, Colorado, Yale and Boston University.

Categorical Track

Karan (Josh) Abraham, MD, PhD

Kylie Andersen, MD
Pediatric Anesthesiology

Shima Anwar, MD, PhD

Asli Aykanat, MD
Child Neurology

Jennifer (Jenny) Bachand, MD

Gonca Bektas, MD
Child Neurology

Daniel Berenson, MD, PhD
Pediatric Anesthesiology

Kayla Berry, MD, PhD
Child Neurology

Alex Butler, MD

Colleen Carlston, PhD, MD
Pediatrics-Medical Genetics

Tess Curran, MPH, MD

Robert (Robbie) Daulton, MD

Laurie Delatour, MD, PhD

William Ealick, MPH, MD

David Gootenberg, MD, PhD

Alberto Guerra, PhD, MD

Sidney Hilker MD

Jane (Margaret) Irwin, MD

Rasesh Joshi, MD, PhD
Child Neurology

Aditya Kalluri, MD, PhD

Cara Lachtrupp, MD

Jessica Laird-Gion, MD

Michael Lam, MD, PhD

Ronald (Ron) Laracuente, Jr, MD

Cristina Liberati, MD
Child Neurology

Katerina Lin, MD

Katherine (Katy) Michaelis, MD, PhD

Mary Moss, MD, PhD

Andrew Parsons, MD

Layla Samandi, MD

Taylor Soderborg, MD, PhD

Alba Sommerschield, MD

Jill Sorcher, MD

Christina Stevens, MD

Björn Stolte MD

Subhi (Talal) Younes, MD, PhD

Urban Health and Advocacy Track

Haritha Aribindi, MD

Ryan Brewster, MD

Roger (Thomas) Day, Jr MD

Jeffrey Edwards, MD, MPH

Priscilla Gonzalez, MD

Adaobi Ikpeze MD

Tasia Isbell, MD, MPH

Sarah Meyers, MD
Child Neurology

Judith (Shanika) Pelpola, MD, MS

Ramya Ramadas, MPH, MD

Alexis Williams, MD

Medicine-Pediatrics Track

Anna Cassell, MD, MPhil, MBA

Juliana Lawrence, MD, EM

Patrick Liu, MD

Lillian Zerihun, MD