2020 Interns

BCRP Welcomes New Intern Class

The Boston Combined Residency Program welcomes 47 new pediatric and 4 med-peds members of what promises to be one of the best classes in its history. The new interns come from 20 states and 9 countries, went to 41 different colleges and 34 different medical schools. They  majored in nearly 30 diverse subjects including, in addition to a wide variety of biological sciences, psychology, anthropology, evolution, environmental studies, philosophy, creative writing, history of science, Spanish, African studies, Latin American studies, international affairs, political science, economics, international health, chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, and nuclear, chemical, mechanical, biological, and industrial engineering. Twelve are PhDs, two have PhD-like research experience, and eleven hold an MPH, MBA, MSc, MPhil, MEd, MEE, MHS or MS. Four of the new interns went to medical school at Harvard, three at Baylor, Yale, Mount Sinai and Boston University, and two each at Case Western Reserve, Emory, Johns Hopkins, UCSF and the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.

Categorical Track

Callison Alcott, MD, PhD
Child Neurology

Janine Amirault, MD

Julie Barzilay, MD, MPhil

Sunakshi (Sonu) Bassi, MD, MHS

Carl Britto, MBBS, DPhil

Dwight Chambers, MD, PhD

Kristina Chambers, MD

Timothy (Tim) Chang, MD, PhD

Pamela Chen, MD

Derrick Chu, MD, PhD

Katia Crisler, MD, MEd

Andzelika Dechnik, MD

Joshua Dodderer, MD, MPH

Sarah Dudley, MD

Eduardo Fleischer, MD

Dustin Gable, MD, PhD
Child Neurology

Celia Greenlaw, MD
Child Neurology

Michael Gundry, MD, PhD

Stephanie Hadley, MD

Katherine (Kate) Harriel, MD

Julia Heunis, MD
Pediatric Anesthesia

Florence Ip, MBBS

Sarah Kerr, MD

Amy Li, MD, PhD

Jaclyn Marrinan, MD, MSc

Joshua (Josh) Mayourian, MD, MEE, PhD

Elisa Nabel, MD, PhD
Child Neurology

Dana Neel, MD, PhD

Jack O’Keeffe Donohue, MBBChB
Child Neurology

Daniel O’Meara, MD

Julia Pian, MD, MBA

Tolulope (Tolu) Rosanwo, MD

Mary Tabatneck, MD

Robert Thompson, MD
Pediatrics-Medical Genetics

Paige Vonachen, MD

Cary Weiss, MD, PhD

Urban Health and Advocacy Track

Nisha Dalvie, MD

Ayesha Dholakia, MD

Katherine (Kate) Douglas, MD

Miriam Fox, MD, MPH

Jonathan Gabbay, MD

Cara Guenther, MD

Taha Khan MD, MPH
Child Neurology

Amanda Nelson, MD

Alexandra (Alex) Pottoroff, MD, MPH

Janani Sundaresan, MD, MSc

Sonia Taneja, MD, MSc

Medicine-Pediatrics Track

Hilary Dolstad, MD

Amanda Lucier, MD

Marcos Ortiz Rios, MD

Madeline (Maddy) Pesec, MD, MSc