Interview Dates

We issue invitations for interviews when enough information is available for us to make a decision. In most cases this is not until after Dean’s Letters arrive on October 1st. This is almost always the case for institutions where clerkship grades are only revealed in the Dean’s Letter. However, we usually do not finish reading all our applications until early November, so applicants should not expect to hear from us before then. We expect that all applicants will be notified about their interview on or before November 6th unless applications are incomplete at that time. As noted earlier, we review applications that are received after the October 31st deadline, but interviews are only rarely granted to those who apply late unless there are extenuating circumstances. Interview days for 2017-2018 are:

  • Thursday, November 16th
  • Monday, November 20th
  • Tuesday, November 28th
  • Friday, December 1st
  • Friday, December 8th
  • Friday, December 15th
  • Tuesday, December 19th
  • Friday, January 5th
  • Friday, January 12th
  • Tuesday, January 16th (optional if needed)

Approximately 32 candidates are invited for each interview day.

MD/PhD Days

Candidates with MD/PhD degrees or PhD-like research experiences who plan research careers following residency are invited to participate in additional sessions on one of the Thursday afternoons before the December 15th and January 12th interview days. The applicants will also have dinner that evening with residents who plan to become physician-scientists. These sessions have been very popular in the past. They are designed to acquaint applicants with the research and fellowship opportunities in the Boston area and give them a chance to meet several scientists in their areas of interest.  The MD/PhD days are entirely optional and are not part of the evaluation process.

Diversity Dinners

The BCRP embraces all forms of diversity, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, disability, gender identity and sexual orientation. Applicants who identify as a member of one or more of these or similar groups are invited to an informal diner the evening before their interview to familiarize them with special opportunities available within the BCRP and discuss any questions they may have about the program or the local community.